Did you know that there are over 23 million self-storage units in America? Seems like a crazy number, right!?

Well, not all of these storage units are built the same. In fact, many of them have different storage unit features.

When it comes time for you to make the decision about what storage units work for you, you’ll want to go with climate-controlled storage units for your things.

With so many benefits to a climate-controlled environment, you’ll question yourself for not going this route before! Ready to learn more? Keep reading this article for all the benefits of choosing to go with a climate-controlled unit!

1. Protect Against Humidity

When you get a storage unit, you definitely don’t want to worry about having humidity in the space. This can cause mold, and it can definitely create issues for whatever you are storing in the unit. Humid environments and excess moisture can damage furniture, wreak havoc on any type of wood items you have in storage, and so much more.

That’s why a climate-controlled environment for a storage unit is always the better option. You won’t have to worry about humidity because of the constantly controlled temperature.

2. Excellent Air Quality 

When you don’t have a climate-controlled environment, the air quality of the storage unit stuffers. This is partially because of the lack of ventilation in the space.

The air becomes stagnant and doesn’t flow through the storage unit. Having air circulate throughout a room is important to make sure that the air quality is up to par.

With storage units that have climate control, there is more airflow throughout the unit, which means that the air quality itself is also better. Why? Because when air circulates, it keeps bringing in clean air to the unit.

3. Protects Items From Extreme Temperatures

If you live in a state that has hot temperatures during summer or freezing temperatures during winter, the storage unit may also experience those same shifts in temperature, which can damage some of the things inside the unit.

If you want to protect your items from extreme temperatures, you’ll have to make sure to look into the different types of storage units that have climate-controlled features.

Not convinced? If you have any items like wood furniture, antiques, or musical instruments, these items can suffer from cracks or warping due to the shifts in temperature.

Not only that, but other items like fine wine, books, and records can be damaged due to the shifting of temperatures. 

4. The Units Are Cleaner

Climate-controlled storage units are often located inside buildings that have sealed roofs, insulation, and fully-sealed floors and walls. Because of that, there is less ability for dirt and dust to make their way into the unit that is within a building. 

Not only do the added building elements protect from dirt and dust, but they can also protect your items in case of flooding. It can also reduce the likelihood that a mouse finds its way into your storage unit!

With a climate-controlled environment, your items will withstand the test of time no matter how long you leave them in there. The same cannot be said of storage units that do not have climate control features.

5. There Is an Added Layer of Security 

When you choose to go with a storage unit with climate control, it is most likely within another building and not just a door open to the outside. Because of this, there is more security.

You usually have to go through several sets of doors before you even come to your own storage unit instead of simply unlocking your unit from the outside where anyone could try to break in. 

With an added layer of security, you will have more peace of mind with the items that you choose to put into storage. You’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the fact that your items are safe in storage!

6. Clothes Will Have Protection 

When clothes are open to the elements, they can wear down much more easily. For instance, moisture and humidity can cause clothes to stretch and wrinkle. The humidity will also make your clothes smell musty.

This can be inconvenient if you need to go to storage to get a few clothing articles out of it. You can’t simply grab it and wear it – you’ll have to wash them for the clothing to be ready to use.

7. You’ll Always Have Your Sentimental Items

It’s not very rare that people put their most sentimental collectibles into storage at some point. For instance, it’s not likely that you keep out your Christmas ornaments all year. You probably put them in storage for most of the year.

With a climate-controlled storage unit, you know that these sentimental items are safe and will remain in good condition for the next time you want to bring them out!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Mt. Juliet

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