Self-storage units were once a solution to overcrowded bank vaults. Before these units were an option, banks would store people’s valuables if they were traveling for long periods of time. Bank vaults weren’t designed with this purpose in mind, and as such, another option became necessary.

The first warehouse specifically designed to hold personal belongings was built in the 1850s, but the concept of self-storage only reached the United States in 1891.

Brothers Martin and John Bekins created Bekin Van Lines in Omaha, Nebraska, as the first self-storage option for Americans. This opened people’s eyes to the endless possibilities self-storage units provide.

The global self-storage industry was worth over $51.32 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $71.37 billion by 2027. When it comes to this booming industry, it’s important to understand the benefits of using a self-storage unit, whether you’re moving house or looking for slightly longer-term storage solutions.

So keep reading to find out more about the six benefits of using a self-storage unit.

1. Space Sells

If you’re looking to sell your home, you need to clear as much space as possible beforehand. When viewing potential homes, people want to imagine how their furniture will look in the house and how much space there is to expand. So to present your home in the best possible light, you need to make your house feel spacious.

Using a storage unit to keep large amounts of your possessions out of sight can help you sell your home quicker. You can even consider using climate-controlled storage units to ensure your more delicate items aren’t damaged while they’re waiting to move to their new home.

This step will also help you declutter, which will leave you with fewer items you need to move into your new home. After years of seeing the same items, you can easily become blind to them, so you might not even realize how much junk you’ve accumulated.

2. Unexpected Problems Happen

Moving day will always be stressful, and sometimes things go wrong. This can range from problems with your moving company all the way to last-minute hiccups with the sale.

By using 24-hour storage units, you won’t have to make arrangements for your furniture and possessions to be stored if this happens. Even if you only need to buy yourself time for a few days, having a storage unit ready when moving can save the day in a pinch.

3. Complete Home Improvements

When moving to a new home, you might need to do some work before you’re able to move in. Home improvement projects like renovations or even simply painting will be much easier if you don’t need to work around all your furniture. You also don’t want your things to get damaged or dirty during the renovation process.

A 24-hour storage unit will help you keep all your belongings safe, but you can go grab anything you need if you realize you left it there. Once all your projects are done, you can unpack the storage unit into your new home, knowing they haven’t been damaged. 

4. Gives You Time to Unpack

When moving, you might need time to decide where everything needs to go. While it would be fantastic to walk through the front door with everything already unpacked, taking the time to unpack slowly has its advantages.

Not only will you get the chance to properly clean your home before unpacking, but you can measure and map out each room to decide how you can best use the space. By using a self-storage unit, you have the freedom to unpack slowly without worrying about the condition of your furniture.

5. Allows for a Staged Move

By using a storage unit, you can keep the momentum up instead of packing everything in one fell swoop. You can start the packing process well ahead of your move by packing bits and pieces and storing them. This will help you stay motivated throughout the moving process as it won’t appear as one big task.

By packing beforehand, you can strategically organize your home so that you don’t pack up the essentials beforehand but start clearing space. By organizing your home while packing, you’ll also have an easier time when you need to unpack it all again.

You can work around your job or home responsibilities by packing a box at a time and taking it away to be stored.

6. You’re Moving for Work

When you’re moving for work or even overseas, it can be useful to use a storage unit until you’re settled. Depending on where you’re moving, your house may already be furnished, so it doesn’t make sense to take all your belongings with you. A storage unit will give you time to decide what to do with your things or if the move is really what you want.

You can also look at long-term storage if you’re considering moving back after some time.

Consider Self-Storage Units Today

Using a self-storage unit will not only make moving easier, but you can also store items for longer periods of time while you try to decide what to do with them. It might be that you’re moving to a smaller place or simply changing the aesthetics of your home.

By using a self-storage unit, you give yourself the time and freedom to thoroughly consider all your options.

Please feel free to contact Tri-Star Storage regarding any self-storage questions you might have. You can safely store your possessions, business inventory, or recreational vehicles at our new storage units in MT Juliet today.