Storage units are a great way to simplify a move, store seasonal belongings and tackle unwanted clutter in your home.

But if you are thinking of renting a storage unit, you are probably wondering if they are secure. Police recently warned Americans that storage locker thefts are on the rise. Damage to belongings as a result of leaks, mildew, mold, climate, and negligence are also concerns.

Renting a storage unit can be a safe and secure experience. Understanding the risks and knowing how to prevent such occurrences helps.

This article will share tips to help you choose a safe storage unit. So you can feel confident that your belongings are safe and sound.

Finding Secure Storage Units

If you are researching storage units in the area, make sure you are reading online reviews. You will want to find a secure storage facility.

Make sure there are high-grade security systems in place. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure the self-storage facility is secure. These features will help prevent burglary.

Storage Unit Security Cameras

Storage facilities should have security cameras that offer strategic coverage for all angles of the property. The area should be heavily monitored, with 24-hour surveillance.

Security cameras should also have digital archives. Digital archives differ from traditional video recordings. The archives should be stored and backed up so that security footage can be referenced at any time.


Secure storage facilities should also have a fenced-in perimeter around the property. This will prevent unauthorized people from getting into the secure area and help prevent theft.

All entry points should be secure, using access codes or heavy-duty gates to keep the area secure.


You should also look for well-lit storage facilities.

Well-lit areas are less likely to invite theft. It is much harder to get away with theft from a storage facility, particularly if the area is already highly monitored.

Lighting will also make you feel more secure should you be visiting 24-hour storage units after hours.

Secure Access

Before renting a storage unit, make sure you know who has access to the area.

Typically, only those accessing storage units and those working at the facility should be granted access. Some storage facilities will offer secure access codes.

You should also purchase a lock from the storage facility or bring your own lock. This will ensure your storage locker is secure.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

You should also consider the belongings you plan to store at the facility. Do your personal belongings require a temperature-controlled environment?

Standard storage units are acceptable choices if you are storing tools, equipment, outdoor accessories or children’s toys. But if you are storing antiques, wood, furniture, or electronics, you should rent a climate-controlled unit.

A simple search of “storage units, Mt Juliet” will show you a wide variety of climate-controlled storage units.

Climate-controlled units are important in Tennesee, where the climate is hot and humid in the summer and wet and cold in the winter. Storing your belongings in a climate-controlled unit will prevent mold, mildew, cracks, melting, warping, decay and rust.

Cleanliness & Maitenance

You should also make sure the storage facility you are considering is clean and well-maintained. Search for online reviews to hear about the experiences other renters have had.

Regular maintenance of the facility reduces the risk of leaks, floods, or other potential damage factors. But it will also reduce the risk of pests entering the facility and compromising your belongings.

Personal Security Measures

Finding a reputable self-storage facility is important. But there are several steps you can take to increase the security of your belongings before renting a storage space.

By taking these steps, you will reduce the risk of damage, theft, and liability.

Purchase Insurance

Did you know there are insurance packages designed to protect your belongings?

Before you move your items into a storage unit, contact your insurance company. Get off-premise property coverage added to your insurance policy. This will ensure you have financial coverage in case something does happen to your storage unit.

Keep updated documents about the contents of your storage unit. Photograph valuables and make sure you understand their worth. This will help if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Remember that sentimental items cannot be replaced. It is best to keep irreplaceable items at home rather than storing them in a storage facility.

Secure Packing

Don’t just throw your belongings into a storage unit without consideration. Make sure you are storing items appropriately.

Art and glassware should be properly wrapped and packaged. Heavy boxes should be placed at the bottom, with lighter items stacked on top. As a rule of thumb, package your belongings the same way you would if you were moving.

This will provide additional protection to your items and keep them safer from the elements.

If you require materials to wrap and box your items properly, ask your storage facility. Many storage facilities will sell materials to help with this.

Bring Your Own Lock

While storage facilities sell locks, it is best to bring your own lock. This will ensure that your unit is safe and secure.

Do not share the keys with anyone outside of the facility.

Do Regular Checks

Once your items are safely stored, it may feel easy to forget they are there. Make sure you prioritize time to make frequent visits to your storage unit.

Doing regular checks will reduce the risk of damage to your property. You are more likely to catch damage such as cracking, mold or mildew before it gets out of hand.

Tri-Star Storage Units, Mt. Juliet

Finding secure storage units to rent seems overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

By understanding these unique risks to your belongings, you will be better prepared to prevent theft and damage. Applying these tips will help you rest easy, knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

If you are looking for reputable storage units in the Mt. Juliet area, our team at Tri-Star Storage can help. We offer professional-grade security and a variety of storage units to fit your needs. Sign up today, and let’s get started.