Covered Parking:

We offer different size parking options for motor vehicles, boats, campers, trailers, and vehicles. There are three different sizes for covered parking. Covered parking is great to keep your vehicles and boats from getting affected by the occasional winter storms, rain, and fading from the sun. These sizes come in 10×30, 15×30, and 15×40. 10×30 is ideal for smaller boats, campers, and vehicles. 15×30 is great for boats and campers that need a little more wiggle room or if you just want to ensure you have ample space between you and the other tenants. 15×40 is perfect for larger RV’s, boats, or 5th wheel campers. There is additional height on these covered units as well.

Smaller Vehicle & Fully Enclosed Parking:

We also have fully enclosed, drive-up units for small vehicle parking. You can store your recreational toys such as ATV’s, dirt bikes, jet skis, or motorcycles. These sizes come in 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20. The width of the roll up door is roughly 8 ½ feet. This gives you a comfortable 8 feet in width to be able to pull in.

Non-Covered Parking:

We also offer non-covered parking for vehicles, boats, and trailers. This is a standard size of 10×20. This is perfect for business or contract vehicles like delivery trucks and landscapers. Our fully secured facility is designed to allow efficient space for you or your workers to access their vehicles and trailers on a daily basis 24/7.

Vehicle Storage Checklist:

  • Name of Owner
  • License Plate Number
  • Photo ID
  • Make of Vehicle
  • Proof of Insurance
  • The vehicle must be in working condition