Imagine putting your old violin in storage and pulling it out months later, only to find it has a massive crack. If you want to avoid a similar tragedy, you need to look into climate-controlled storage units.

These units can keep your items from incurring weather-related damage. That may not sound like a big deal, but it can make or break certain items, literally.

Keep reading to learn why you may need a storage unit with climate controls.

What to Store in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

You may want to use climate-controlled storage units for various items. For example, you can store paper goods, such as books or essential documents, in your storage unit.

Climate-controlled spaces are also perfect for storing family heirlooms and other antiques. You can even store musical instruments, art, electronics, and furniture.

While you can store these things in any standard unit, climate control is essential. That way, you can make sure the items are not just behind a lock but that the unit won’t damage your belongings.

Why Use Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Regardless of what you want to put in storage, you should consider the benefits of these types of storage units. Any type of self-storage could be useful for some things.

However, when you have a lot of items to store or stuff that’s worth a lot, climate control is worth it. Temperatures in Mt. Juliet, TN, can range from 27 to 88 degrees throughout the year.

You don’t want your stuff to have to deal with those temperature extremes. Consider some specific advantages of using climate-controlled storage units.

Protect Valuable Items

One of the most significant reasons to use a storage unit with climate control is to protect what you keep there. As mentioned, the weather in Tennessee can vary quite a lot.

Without climate control, your belongings will have to sit through those temperature changes and any humidity changes. Extreme changes in the weather can wreak havoc on certain items.

If you want to protect your valuables, from family heirlooms to art, you need the climate to stay the same. Using a standard storage unit could result in the items becoming damaged over time.

Maintain an Item’s Value

When you protect the items you put in storage, you can also help maintain their value. This can come in handy if you think you may want to sell something in the future.

Maybe you inherited a piece of art that you don’t have a place for in your home. You could keep it in a self-storage unit until you’re able to sell it.

Since the room has climate controls, the art should stay in nice condition. Then, when you find a buyer, you can get a better price for the art.

Avoid Replacements or Repairs

Whether you want to sell something or not, using climate-controlled storage can help you avoid repairs or replacements. This is particularly true of woodwind instruments and other wood instruments, such as string instruments.

Perhaps you have a wood clarinet that you hardly ever use. If you store it in a unit without climate control, the next extreme temperature shift could cause the wood to crack, and you could be on the hook for a costly repair.

However, if you store your clarinet in a unit with climate controls, it should stay safe. There will still be a risk of cracks, but the risk is much lower when the temperature isn’t all over the place.

You can also apply this rule to anything made of wood, including furniture. If you don’t want to repair or replace something, make sure you store it somewhere that won’t lead to cracks.

Store Items While Traveling

If you want to take time to travel, you may not want to sell all of your belongings. Paying for 24-hour storage units can be much more economical than paying a mortgage or rent.

That way, you can use the money you save to fund your trip. However, when you’re ready to move back to Tennessee, you’ll have everything you need to furnish a new home.

You won’t have to spend time shopping around for new items. Plus, you can make sure to keep any valuables or any other gifted items that you love.

Everything should stay in good condition and be ready for you to use when you return. However, you won’t have to worry about leaving an apartment or house unoccupied.

Downsize Your Space

Maybe you don’t want to travel, but you do want to move out of your current home into something smaller. You can use a self-storage unit to hold onto items that won’t fit in your new place.

Then, you’ll still be able to keep essential things, such as family heirlooms. If you later decide to move back to a larger place, you’ll have everything you need to fill the home.

On the other hand, you can sell or give away some of your extra belongings. However, you won’t have to worry about selling or giving things away as soon as you move into a smaller house or apartment.

How Much Climate-Controlled Storage Costs

Climate-controlled storage units vary in price from $85 to $285 per month. The exact price depends on the size of the unit, so you can get as much space as you need.

A smaller unit is perfect for an individual or a couple who doesn’t have enough room for everything in their home. If you’re looking to travel for a few months, you may want a larger storage unit to accommodate more of your stuff.

Compared to non-climate-controlled units, you will have to pay more. However, the extra cost can be well worth it when you think of how much you could save on repairing or replacing your belongings.

View Our Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you’re looking for a safe place to keep your valuables, look into climate-controlled storage units. While not everything needs climate control, your items can benefit from it.

That way, you don’t have to worry about extreme heat or cold damaging your items. Be sure to look at different unit sizes and consider your budget to help choose the perfect unit for you.

Are you ready to invest in a space to store and protect your valuables? Learn more about our storage units.