Are you looking into renting storage units in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, but aren’t sure where to start?

Renting storage units for the first time can feel overwhelming and scary. You might worry about the safety of your belongings while they’re in storage, or that you may not pack them correctly. You may simply be unsure of what to look for in a unit.

Fortunately, with Tri-Star Storage, you can rest assured that your belongings will always be safe and secure while in storage. And in this guide, we’ll help you understand what to expect from self-storage and how to get started.

For everything you need to know to rent a storage unit without the confusion or hassle, read on.

Different Kinds of Storage Units

The first thing you’ll want to know is what kinds of storage units are available to rent. In this section, you’ll learn what kind of unit is right for your needs, depending on what you have to store.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate controlled units are air-conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter to maintain a steady temperature. This prevents sensitive items stored inside from warping or cracking due to fluxing outdoor temperatures.

If the items you need to store would be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, you’ll want a climate controlled unit. This includes things like wooden furniture, collectible items, musical instruments, electronics, and most things made with leather.

Non-Climate Controlled Units

As the name implies, non-climate controlled storage units don’t have heating or air conditioning. As a result, the temperature inside a non-climate controlled unit is going to fluctuate more with the outdoor temperature.

You can store anything that isn’t affected by changing temperatures in a standard unit like this. Yard furniture, gardening equipment, kitchen items, and things like clothing and blankets will store just fine in a non-climate controlled unit.

Parking Spaces

Not surprisingly, parking spaces are for storing any vehicle or trailer that you need to protect from the world or the elements.

A parking space unit is ideal if you have an RV or off-road vehicle that you want to store during the winter months. It can also come in handy if you have an expensive car that you want to keep in peak condition while not in use.

As with all storage units, parking units come in multiple sizes that accommodate different kinds of vehicles.

Knowing What Can’t Be Stored

There are some items that can’t (or shouldn’t) be stored in a storage unit. These include chemicals and anything perishable, such as food items. This is important to ensure the safety of staff and everyone’s belongings.

Packing Your Items Securely

There are good and bad ways of packing things for storage, and the best packing method depends on what you have to store.

Since we can’t go into detail about how to pack everything, you should do some research on the best ways to pack the belongings you need to store securely.

Making Sure Your Belongings Are Safe

Knowing what you can store and what kind of unit to store it in is just the beginning. Naturally, you’re also going to be concerned about the safety of the items you put into storage.

To make sure your belongings stay safe, you’ll want to rent a storage unit with a good 24/7 security system.

If you live near Mt. Juliet, you’re in luck: Tri-Star Storage has top-of-the-line security for all units, so you can rest easy knowing your items in storage are secure. Not only that, but you’ll also have 24-hour access to your unit at all times.

Bringing the Right Documents

Different storage services may have different document requirements for renting a unit.

As a rule of thumb, be sure to bring a photo ID, your current contact information, and proof of insurance for your items (although you may opt for the services own rental insurance instead).

Getting Started With Renting Storage Units

After you’ve decided what you want to store, figured out what kind of storage unit you’ll need, and selected a service with good security, it’ll be time to rent your unit.

The rental process varies from one self-storage service to another. However, with the advent of modern technology, many services have automated systems that make it fast and easy to get started.

Tri-Star is one such service, with a digital self-service kiosk located conveniently outside the front gate. At the kiosk, you can choose a unit of the right type and size, sign the lease agreement, and make your first payment, all in a matter of minutes.

Once your first payment is completed and your agreement is signed, you will be given a unit number and gate access code so you can find your storage unit.

You’ll also receive an account number that lets you sign in to an online customer portal, where you can see additional details and make future payments online.

Get the Right Storage Unit Today

By now you should know everything you need to get started renting storage units. No matter what you have to store or for how long, these tips will help you find the storage services that are right for you.

Tri-Star makes self-storage simple. Whether you’re looking for temporary storage while you move or long-term storage for your recreational vehicle, we’ve got you covered with our wide array of options.

Learn more and find the right unit for you today.